Innovating Dining Lifestyle Services

Roles & Responsibilities

Product Manager + Product Designer

1 - Initiated product innovation and UX optimization of web & mobile, B2B & B2C products.

2 - Led strategic product partnerships.

3 - Roadmap planning, user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, mock-up delivery and QA for product rollouts.


EZTABLE, Asia-leading dining lifestyle services.
Seated 25+ million diners in East/Southeast Asia.

We help people discover suitable restaurants according to social needs, reserve the tables 24/7, and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Gartner Cool Vendor of Travel and Hospitality.

Lead-Invested and coached by Dr. Clayton Christensen (Disruptive Innovation) from Harvard.


Feature Case Study

Innovating User Referral Program

eztable thumbnail.png

A cultural-centered user referral program implemented across platforms.
Acquired 1% of Taiwan’s online population in a month.

Team Size
7 (1 PM+UX, 1 UI designer, 1 web front-end, 1 iOS, 1 Android, 1 back-end, 1 QA)

My Role Product Manager + UX Designer

Time Frame 4 weeks (design + dev + QA + go-live)

The Challenge

How might we motivate satisfying users to refer their family and friends?

The Outcome Overview

A red-packet-themed user referral program implemented across platforms.

  • Embedded multiple entry points within the existing user journey.

  • Created collaboration for marketing & branding campaigns.

Ver. 1 -> Ver. 2 Iteration Result:

# of Users Referring New Users: 225% growth 
# of New User Acquired: 300% growth

Overall Result:

Acquired 1% of Taiwan’s online population in a month 
(Reference: The U.S. equivalence is 3 million people.)

The Process

ez process.png

Due to NDA, I am not able to disclose the project details, but I'm willing to share what I learned in person.

User sending red packets to non-user [A]:

User finishes making a reservation, and shares the reservation details + sends a red packet to dining companions.

User sending red packets to non-user [B]:

User enters the referral program, generates red packets, and send to family/friends.

Non-user receiving red packets: