Communicating IxD Principle in Motion

Motion Design, Visual Design


Communicating “engagement” through motion graphics.


4 weeks

Individual Project

Conceptual designer
Visual designer
Motion designer
Script Writer

Tools & Techniques
After Effects


The Challenge

Explain the interaction design principle of Engagement through time and motion.

The Result Overview

A 3-minute video introducing engagement in a vivid and inspiring way.



motion process.png


Concept Ideation

My conceptual ideation process involved

  1. researching the concept of engagement

  2. brainstorming clear and simple examples

  3. writing several ideas and testing with people

  4. nailing down the most concise idea

and then I moved on to building the storyline.


Developing Script

Main ideas of the script:

  1. Engagement = Easy + Productive + Enjoyable

  2. One non-engaging example

  3. One engaging example

  4. The subjectiveness of engagement

  5. What designers should do to ensure the design is engaging

I wrote multiple versions of the script to test out communication styles and gain feedback.


Developing Storyboards

My script informed my storyboards, later the storyboards helped me develop static visual assets, and visual assets helped me animate in After Effects.


Developing Visual Assets


Developing Animation

I animated the static visual assets in After Effects, and worked with a voice actor for the voice over.

Here are some of the clips —

"There are many principles, and today we are going to talk about Engagement. Engagement consists of 3 elements: easy, productive, and enjoyable."
"It helps people to concentrate on getting a job done in a fun, interactive and effortless way. When designing interactions, designers should leave engaging cues so that the users are not confused or frustrated. And, most importantly, an engaging experience makes the users enjoy the interaction."
"However, Allen finds it hard to use and he’s very frustrated. The method is unproductive because he has to deal with multiple documents in complex layouts. It’s also unengaging in that he often gets lost in tons of paperwork. Allen ends up giving it up."
"On the contrary, his classmate Jimmy is using an expense tracker app that asks him daily questions like “What did you pay for today?” and “How much was this item?” The app then records his expenses automatically and generates weekly reports."
"Lucy loves Zumba, and she enjoys following the class instructors and interacting with other dancers. Instead, Maggie is addicted to running marathons; she prefers running alone at her own pace."
"Designers should understand people’s preferences first to determine what a truly engaging experience entails."
"Now you know what Engagement is. Think about an activity you’ve done recently. Is there a specific part of it that you’re frustrated with? And it is possible to make it easier, more productive, and more enjoyable? How would you design a more engaging experience if you were the designer?"